Below is a, mostly, complete list of the features provided by laɪbnɪts:

  • Automatically collect all documents.
  • Fine-grained control of what articles are sent to laɪbnɪts — we don't want to see documents you don't want us to!
  • All documents are automatically indexed.
  • Powerful search functionality.
  • Alerting — if a person in your group is researching a topic similar to one already looked at by another person, then a notification will be sent to both users allowing collaboration and sharing of resources.
  • Search for similar documents — search for new documents that are similar to an existing document, even if the new documents don't contain any of the original keywords.
  • Documents can be shared with others.
  • Search on title, site, date ranges, document microdata, annotations, tags.
  • Search history — all searches are saved so you can easily retrieve them.
  • Annotations — text can be highlighted and saved with each document.
  • Annotations can be shared with others in your group on a per documents basis.
  • Tagging — each document can have any number of tags associated with it.
  • Geotagging — all documents are run through a geotagging process which extracts place names
  • Document microdata is extracted and saved with each document (common uses for this are: site information, people, recipes, reviews and ratings)
  • Privacy — a great deal of care and attention has gone into ensuring that only documents you want to share are shared.
  • The user can select which documents they want to share based on an existing document.
  • Word black-lists and white-lists can be used to further control which documents are shared.